July 31, 2018

AI in customer experience

From Alexa to Intercom, people are increasingly aware of having AI-enabled interactions. They’re ready for bots and voice assistants to act more human, but might not be ready for them to look more human.

Intercom chat support

Capgemini Consulting published an AI in CX survey of 10,000 people across 10 countries, identifying how comfortable they are interacting with AI:

  • 73% are aware of having interactions enabled by AI.
  • 62% want human-like voice and intellect.
  • 54% want human-like behavior and personality.

Capgemini AI in CX survey

In an interview with Capgemini’s Jerome Buvat, he explained:

“They want AI to have human-like qualities, so they want bots to understand their emotions and to respond to them accordingly. But they certainly don’t want human-like physical features. Many consumers would find that really creepy.”

Specifically, 52% report that they’re uncomfortable with human-like physical features. While they might say they don’t want AI to look more like people, to paraphrase The New Yorker: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a bot.”

Lil Miquela is a good example. If her Instagram photos were the hook, then her messages were just the follow-through. 1.3 million people follow her largely because of her lifelike appearance. It’s not human-like features that make people uncomfortable—it’s not knowing whether she’s real or a robot.

2018 Brian Rose