August 7, 2018

Botnik Voicebox

Botnik Voicebox is a predictive keyboard that makes stuff that appeals to Zen practitioners. It’s easily the most modest thing to bring innovation constantly yet fast enough for lots of oomph. The processing power hits another improvement and then pulls to the left.

Botnik Voicebox

Voicebox requires collaboration between humans and AI, so Norm AI can’t quite write itself on my behalf. It comes pre-loaded with recognizable voices, like Jerry Seinfeld standup or Wired product reviews, or you can upload your own.

I rely on the predictive keyboard on my phone when I text, and I use Smart Reply to start nearly every email I send. Voicebox works in much the same way. It’s a tool that can help writers mimic the voice and personality of others.

Botnik was behind the neural network-generated Coachella poster, the exact average episode of Scrubs, and the spellbinding Harry Potter chapter. Voicebox can also be used to generate new characters with familiar backstories, like Dami Lee’s Sanrio characters.

Aggressive Daniel

Awkward phrasing and general nonsense lend themselves well to comedy, and there’s novelty in AI-generated entertainment. But there are more sophisticated methods for natural language processing than Markov chains, methods that can produce texts that sound much more human. Even so, if it’s funny, people probably won’t care who (or what) wrote it.

2018 Brian Rose