August 25, 2018

Braille Nails

Shieseido’s Braille Nails are a set of 3D-printed press-on nails and a wearable camera badge that can describe nearby objects and environments for the vision impaired. It’s powered by the Google Cloud Vision API and has 85% accuracy.

Braille Nails camera badge and tactile nail design

The camera badge recognizes the following gestures:

  • Give a thumbs up to hear a description of what’s in front of you.
  • Point at the sky to hear a weather report.
  • Hold up your hand to hear your current location.

Braille Nails can give the visually impaired more information and feedback about the world around them, and Shiseido is exploring ways to make the experience more conversational with different voices or personalities to choose from.

Concept film for Braille Nails on YouTube

While the wearable camera badge is an eye-catching fashion accessory that complements the tactile nail designs, a smartphone with a $30 crossbody case can also accomplish this and is even more accessible.

2018 Brian Rose