August 2, 2018

ObEN's Personal AI

ObEN’s Personal AI (PAI) are 3D avatars designed to look and sound like you, secured and authenticated on the Project PAI blockchain.

ObEN's PAI of Nikhil

ObEN uses the blockchain protocol to authenticate everyone’s PAI so people can confirm they’re really speaking with their intended contacts, and not a copy or clone. It also enables ObEN to lower their operating costs by distributing compute resources across more machines.

Unlike Quantum Capture or 8i, a 360-degree full-body scan isn’t required. Instead, ObEN’s PAI are generated in about a minute by taking a single selfie and recording sample phrases:

  1. “And I’m too old to make any more mistakes.”
  2. “Can I make something beautiful just once before I die?”
  3. “Give me one chance to try.”

It’s no lorem ipsum or the quick brown fox, but the result is a 3D avatar that can speak and sing with a rough approximation of your voice:

PAIYO powered by ObEN

Your PAI is meant to be your digital doppelgänger. Founders Nikhil Jain and Adam Zheng originally created them as a kind of digital totem that would take their place at home while they were away on business.

PAI can also be used in telehealth to provide people with greater access to healthcare professionals. And ObEN is working with South Korea’s SM Entertainment to allow fans to interact with PAI of their favorite K-pop idols.

2018 Brian Rose