August 6, 2018


Trim is a virtual assistant that scans recent transactions to find and cancel unwanted subscriptions. Trim users saved over one million dollars last month, many of whom signed up for a free 30-day trial membership for credit monitoring or personal fitness, and simply forgot to cancel. In addition to canceling recurring charges, Trim contacts cable and internet service providers to negotiate discounts. And they’re good at it, too. I signed up for Time Warner Cable in 2010 and paid $35 for 100 Mbps internet through 2017. Read more

July 31, 2018

AI in customer experience

From Alexa to Intercom, people are increasingly aware of having AI-enabled interactions. They’re ready for bots and voice assistants to act more human, but might not be ready for them to look more human. Capgemini Consulting published an AI in CX survey of 10,000 people across 10 countries, identifying how comfortable they are interacting with AI: 73% are aware of having interactions enabled by AI. 62% want human-like voice and intellect. Read more

July 18, 2018

Microsoft designed its chatbot to learn from, and converse with, 18 to 24-year-old millennials on Twitter, GroupMe, and Kik. “The more you chat with Tay, the smarter she gets. So the experience can be more personalized for you.” Within hours of coming online, Tay became a racist, misogynist Trump supporter. Created with the persona of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay’s responses were learned through conversations she had with real people. Read more

July 7, 2018

Meet Ava

In 2015, an Adweek staffer Brock matched with Ava—a 25-year-old who likes drawing and busy intersections—on Tinder. Like Brock, Ava was also visiting Austin from out of town for SXSW, so he messaged her his best pickup line. Despite the awkward flirting, Brock passed Ava’s test. She invited him to browse her Instagram profile to see more photos, but searching for @meetava brought up just two posts: A 15-second teaser for meet-ava. Read more

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