September 6, 2018

Real wisdom from an artificial intelligence

A user asked Google Assistant if she can pass the Turing Test, and posted her response to Reddit. Many of the comments fell under the sentiment that repeating someone else’s words isn’t true intelligence. “They all say exactly this, it’s programmed, hardly clever.” “TIL Mark Twain is artificial.” “Program gives out a hardcoded response to a specific input. That isn’t interesting at all.” Like Alexa and Siri, there’s an entire team of creatives behind Assistant’s personality who carefully craft her dialogue. Read more

July 9, 2018

BOCCO the family robot

Like Amazon Echo or Google Home, BOCCO is a voice assistant that can respond to “Hey BOCCO” commands, can relay text and voice messages between family members through a mobile app, and can notify parents when their children leave or arrive home by pairing with an included motion sensor. The technology is familiar, but the way it’s packaged is unique. Namely, BOCCO has a face. His eyes light up when he speaks. Read more

2018 Brian Rose